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Introducing 'Seasons of Ceres'

Seasons of Ceres is a voluntary group of village residents established in 2007.  Our aim is to make our beautiful village even more stunning by adding floral colour.  We fill a growing number of tubs and troughs around the village with eyecatching displays of flower.  We also plant and maintain several flower beds and other garden areas around the village.

And, of course, there's the Ceres Horse.  Her name, chosen by the children of Ceres Primary School, is Luna. Luna will be getting greener as time goes by - and as the yew grows through her frame.  Meantime, she wears garlands that change with the season, and, at Christmas, she is decorated with pretty lights.

Seasons of Ceres are regular entrants in the Beautiful Fife Campaign and, in each of the last four years, we have gained a coveted Gold award. Last year we also entered Beautiful Scotland, gaining a Silver.


What we did in 2018

In addition to the floral displays and public areas which we added to our portfolio in previous years, we concentrated our efforts on two projects in 2018:

Firstly, the church car park where we planted fruit trees and climbers along the back wall, with plans for raised beds to follow later.

Secondly, the bed at The Provost  featured "A Garden of Gold" in support of the Charity Childhood Cancer Awareness.  Gold was also appropriate for another reason - 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the nearby Fife Folk Museum!

Interested in hands-on work around the village? 

All labour used in our projects - for weeding, planting, dead-heading, watering etc - is provided free by group members, friends or other volunteers (for example, the local Beaver Scouts).  If you'd like to get involved in practical work, or if you'd like information on any of our activities, please get in touch!  

Next Meeting - and our new Facebook page.

Our next meeting will be held in the Ceres Inn on Thursday May 23rd, commencing at 7.15 p.m. All welcome!

For latest news and pictures see our Facebook page - find it at http://fb.me/CeresSeasons

The Kirk in the distance...

A view from the 3-tier tub at the Memorial

The tubs are looking particularly good this Spring! 

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